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How it all began...


The idea came up one evening while I was dunking Oreos and dropped my last cookie in the milk. Frustrated and cookie-less, I set out to make a special utensil that solves this problem!

After a few days of designing prototypes, the dipr was born. Since the product worked so well and everyone loved it, we decided to file a patent and start a small business. We drafted our documents and received the “patent pending” status to start selling. Fast forward a few years, now our patent has been granted and the dipr can be found in stores nationwide!

Since this adventure began, we’ve also started our own little family. Our first daughter Emma loves to help pack orders and occasionally jazz up your packages with her favorite stickers. Daughter number two is Olivia, and she loves to help her big sister cause all sorts of trouble.

Feel free to reach out with stories and pictures of your own family using the dipr!

We appreciate all of your business. Happy dunking!!

Thank you!

From our family to yours, thanks for supporting us and buying our products.

Have fun!